Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

ABOUT:-The Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra, thought of one in all the toughest pilgrimages among other Mahadev yatra like Neel Kanth Mahadev. Kinner Kailash Mahadev and Manimahesh Kailash Mahadev. The 32 km uphill yatra takes 3-4 days to succeed in the 72ft high Shivling then 2 a lot of days to return back to the bottom in Nirmand sub-division of Kullu.


Shrikhand yatra typically starts from Singhad at altitude of Six,000ft that is approachable from Nirmand and Rampur and ends at an altitude of over Seventeen,000ft. Passing through glaciers, avalanches, high peaks, deep valleys and steep mountain faces.

Day 1:- Me and my 5 friends starts our yatra from Kullu, we pack our bags, warm clothes, sleeping bags, medical kit, torch and most important dry fruits & chocolates for energy during 32 km long yatra. Early morning about 6:00 we aproach the bus stand and pick the bus for the Jaon village. Journey was very exited, bus was going through old British road Jalori Pass, Rampur than our lat stop Jaon Village after almost 12 hour long bus journey. Then we tend to begin 3 km on foot yatra until Singhad base camp. After One hr. we reached Singhad, in Singhad all facility available for pilgrims like food and area for sleeping in night. We had dinner and sleep because next day our plan to reach Thachru 12 km steep mountain called DANDIDHAR.

DAY 2:- Next morning we wake up 5. We pack our bags, in Thachru there is facility of breakfast and Tea. There is camp for registration for pilgrims and medical check up. After breakfast and medical checkup we are ready for the Dandidhar. We udhghosh OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA and start our Yatra at 6 am.FIL615.JPG


About 3 pm we reached Thachru, its also a base camp for the pilgrims for day 2. Singhad to Thachru is the most important stage for pilgrims. Many pilgrims back in the mid of the Dandidhar. Its the only way to reach the Thachru about 12 km steep mountain. In Thachru there is also facility of food serving free for the pilgrims. We took our Langer(food) and move for the KALIGHATI. In Kalighati there paid tent for the pilgrims. FIL7.JPG


From Thachru to Kalighati is about 3 km. We reached Kalitop at 5:30 pm. In Kalitop there is small temple of Mata KALI.


We took rest and move further for BheemTalai is about 1.5 km downhill from Kalitop. In Bheem Talai there is also paid tent and accommodation available for the pilgrims. FIL725.JPG (On the way to Kali Top)

In BheemTalai we unpack our bags and we pitched our tents. There is also paid tents for the pilgrims. We go to the paid tent owner name is  Sevak Ram ji for the asking the food rate, it is very affordable for every pilgrims  100 rs per plate, we also ask the price for living in the tents its was also 100 rs per person. We took our dinner and celebrate our friend birthday in tent by making cake. We make cake of chocolates and dry fruits. After that we are going for sleep. We had walked all day sixteen of the seventeen kilometers sowe were very tired.

DAY 3:-    

Early morning about 6 am we woke up and hear the voice of rain on the outer of our tents. Our next stop is Parvati Bagh which is about 7 km from BheemTalai. But rain stop our way for 2 hr. We had breakfast in Sevak Ram Tent and move for the Parvati Baag.


(Bheem Talai)

The way is very very beautiful from BheemTalai to Parvati Bagh. The way consist of waterfalls and glaciers, which is very risky to cross over it.


After cross ice mass and falls we tend to reached Bheem Dabar. this is often the last station wherever free food is provided by the management. when taking langar, we tend to walked for Anapurna Bagh. The atmosphare of Bheem Dabar is incredibly lovely, here we will see several lovely waterfalls. initial look of the Parvati falls conjointly seen from Bheem Dabar

fil122(Parvati Waterfall)

From Bheem Dabar to Parvati Baag the method is accommodates two kilometer steep uphill that accommodates several kind of vibrant flowers. In Parvati Baag there’s paid tents accessible for keep and accommodation. We have to took Sevak Ram elder brother tent.


(Parvati Baag)

We can see the primary look of seventy two linear unit long shivling from the Hindu deity Baag. a number of the rarest flowers unit found here too, like ‘Brahma Kamal’. This can be often the place right below Shrikhand Mahadev and is another halt at intervals the lap of nature.

DAY 4:-

The final trek starts succeeding day. Early morning, the trek to Shrikhand begins thus as lots of spare time is left to admire the place and begin the journey downhill yet.


(Frozen Nainsarover Lake)

This is a tricky trek; hurdles of glaciers, atmospheric condition and altitude altogether add journey to the trek. Trek can take you to the Nainsarover Lake 1st, and can continue till you reach at a height of 14500 foot once a vertical climb.


Strong can to achieve the destination towards Lord Shiva,chants of ‘Har Har Mahadev’, and ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ build the trek easier and one forgets the coarse climb. we tend to begin realizing that our efforts area unit value barely of nature invested with pure mountain chain beauty.

Reaching Shrikhand takes crossing moraines, little stone tunnels, and 7 little peaks. during this superb trek, we feels that we were walking on the clouds, near sky.


At around 16000 feet is Bhim Baiee. Here, the rocks and stones, concentrated over one another, contain bound peculiar marks, that seem to own been carven. it’s same that Bhim once needed to construct stairs to heaven from here however couldn’t complete it attributable to time constraint.

It is a supernatural moment collectively reaches the top; it enchants the follower with divine waves of emotions. Thrills and chills move within out, conjointly collectively will feel the effusion scenic of mountains all around. The tall standing pinnacles of rock here symbolize the lord Shiva and his glory within the style of the ‘Shivling’.


After Deshan we back downhill to BheemTalai for stay.


DAY 5:- Wake up early morning our target to reach Singhad from BheemTalai. We gave our tent to Sevak Ram and had breakfast. From BheemTalai to Singhad downhill of 16 km. we reached Singhad about 6 pm. We took rest and give thanks to Lord Shiva for our sucessful journey(Yatra) ended.



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