Kinner Kailash Yatra

ॐ नमः शिवाय



The Kinner Kailash Dershan, one amongst the legendary abodes of Lord Shiva, may be a seventy nine foot(79 ft) vertical rock within the Kinner Kailash range of mountains. On a transparent day, one will see the Shivlingam that changes color throughout the course of the day.

The Kinnaur Kailash (locally called Kinner Kailash) may be a mountain within the Kinnaur district of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh. The Kinnaur Kailash includes a height of 6050 meters and is taken into account as sacred by each Hindu and Buddhist Kinnauris. ‘Kinner Kailash’ is taken into account winter residence of Lord Shiva. it’s aforementioned that Lord Shiva conduct a gathering of all Devi-Devtas on Kinner Kailash high in  month of Gregorian calendar month. The Trekking to Kinner Kailash Starts from Gregorian calendar month finish to August. ten days before Janmashtmi special arrangement square measure created for food and shelter on the highest. The Kinner Kailash Trek is of 2 days begin from early morning with a keep in goofa at the hours of darkness, next day the Kinner Kailash visit starts early within the morning reaches the Shiva ling purpose concerning nine AM and there when the comeback Journey starts. Kinner Kailash is among Panch Kailashes, Shri Khand Kailash,  Mani Mahesh Lake,  Kailash Mansarover, Aadi Kailash.
Tangling to Guffa(cave) (8-10 Kms) from 7050 ft to 12,762 ft.

Kinner Kailash trek/Yatra starts from Tangling village, situated on the neck of the woods of the Sutlej watercourse at Associate in Nursing altitude of 7050 linear unit. There square measure 2 ways in which to succeed in Tangling village. One is by crossing the Jhoola at Powari ( that is incredibly thrilling) or by dirt road and crossing the Shontong Bridge over the Sutlej.


Tangling village is consists of around one hundred homes and a stunning temple dedicated to the native god Nag Devta. it’s jam-packed with orchards, seasonal vegetables, and cheerful hospitable individuals. The roar of the Sutlej is clearly detected.

From here the trek follows a metalled pathway up to a little stream concerning 2.5 Kms ahead. It took us around 1.5 hrs to succeed in the stream passing little picket homes, vegetable fields and orchards on the method.This water stream comes directly from the Kinner Kailash chain.

Kalpa Village
We unwearied here and loved the sweetness of the mountains, the depression and also the Sutlej watercourse. we tend to then crammed up our water bottles here as a result of there’s no water until Ashiqui Park that comes when gaining control Kailash Dhaar when a vertical climb of 6-7 metric linear unit. This a part of the trek is understood as Kailash Dhaar as a result of it’s the approach towards Kinner Kailash Peak.There ar 2 notable halts on the thanks to Ashiqui Park from this little stream. These ar referred to as Bara Pathar (Big Stone or Rock) and Bara ped (Big Tree). It took North American nation two hours from the stream to Bara Pathar. this can be a path of around 2.5 Kms at associate degree altitude of 8415 linear unit. through a dense forest of Himalayan cedar trees. At Bara Pathar we tend to unwearied a short time to admire the sweetness of the Sutlej watercourse because it flows towards Karcam Wangtoo.

Bara Pathar is legendary owing to the large rock on that travellers rest. This huge rock is within the thick of the dense Himalayan cedar trees and appears terribly stunning. From here wanting down we tend to got a read of the villages below. we tend to spent some precious time here. 2.5 metric linear unit when Bara Pathar at associate degree altitude of 9695 linear unit. is Bara ped. This place is legendary for the centuries recent large Himalayan cedar tree. The timber line ends dead at this place. when this time there ar solely shrubs and herbs on the thanks to Ashiqui Park.

 After crossing the Bugyals (meadows) we tend to reachedAshiqui Park. we tend to feasted on jungle strawberries that were growing right along the trail. These ar an excellent supply of energy for pilgrims or travellers.  is at associate degree altitude of 7,778 ft. it’s an enormous Bugyal, that is that the best camping area for the trek. Water supply is incredibly available. associate degree hostel has been made here at
 is at associate degree altitude of 7,778 ft. it’s an enormous Bugyal, that is that the best camping area for the trek. Water supply is incredibly available. associate degree hostel has been made here at Ashiqui Park for travellers. we tend to spent hours here observation the Kinner Kailash range of mountains and on the far side towards Kalpa and Recong Peo.
 Ashiqui Park
From  Ashiqui Park to Guffa trek is about 1.5 km uphill. After  Ashiqui Park only guffa is a where we get water.
View from Guffa toward Kalpa
Tea Time
Guffa to Kinner Kailash Shivaling:-
Next morning about 6 am we starting moving toward shivaling. Guffa to shivaling is about 5 km uphill trek. After Guffa Treeline is over and trek become more difficult due to large stone(Bheem Dawr) on the trek. From guffa over next stop is Parvati Kund. Parvati Kund is a glacial lake at the bottom of the Kinnar Kailash peak.
Bheem Dawar
Back of Shivling
Parvati Kund
After reaching Parvati kund we took some rest and pray to goddess for our Pilgrimage. From Parvati Kund to Kinner Kailash peak  there’s no supply of water therefore we tend to had to hold enough water from here upto the height and back. This was the last a part of the trek and it needed plenty of dedication and strength. From Anapurna Kund to Kinner Kailash peak may be a vertical climb of around 2.5 Kms that took us 3-4 hrs.


Kinner Kailash Shivling may be a sacred rock idolised because the symbol of Lord Shiva. The rock pillar faces towards Reckong-peo and Kala and is regarding seventy nine feet high and 30-40 feet wide. this is often a spot and that we might feel the aura of sanctity here.  Standing here we tend to might see some high peaks of the nice range of mountains chain like Mt. Jorkandan and Mt. Rangrik . we tend to spent considerable  time in front of Shivling and thank him to giving beautiful life to us.


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