Bijli Mahadev

Bijli-Mahadev temple is a ‘Kash’ vogue temple that incorporates a “Shiva-Lingam”. This temple is placed during a hayfield with lush inexperienced forests within the surroundings, 20 km from Kullu. This place got its name when the nice miracle that happens sometimes. The ‘Shiva-Lingam’ is stricken by lightening and it breaks into items, then the priest of the temple collects all the items And joins them along side the assistance of butter acting as an adhesive. throughout ‘Shivaratri’ each year, nice rush of devotees gather here to pay respect to Lord-Shiva.
Photo Courtesy:- Rohit Sandil

It is placed at an altitude of regarding 2,438 m within the Kullu depression, Bijli Mahadev is one in all the superb temples in Asian country. placed 20km from Kullu, it are often approached by a troublesome howeverbountied trek of three kilometre. A perspective of Kullu and Paravati valleys are often seen from the temple.

img_20170224_075842-01The 60 feet high wooden piller of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens sort of a silver needle within the sun. during this temple of lightning it’s aforesaid that the tall wooden piller attracts the divine blessings within the style of lightning. it’s believed that the priest of the temple must restore the Shiva-lingam placed within the temple victimisation butter and sattoo once each lightning because it shatters to items with flash of lightning.

Photo Courtesy:- Rahul Sud
How to reach there:

One will reach Kullu initial and so get a bus from the bus indicate Bijli Mahadev which matches up to the near ‘Chansari’ village. Otherwise one will book a personal cab from the Kullu taxi stand close to bus stand and go. One has got to climb stairs from ‘Chansari’, the space being concerning three kilometer uphill. The road is currently extended to over five kilometer that reduce the steps ascent to at least one half. By personal vehicle or the engaged vehicle one will currently approach to village ‘Halleni’.If you’re in physiological state, you’ll be able to even trek all the manner from Kullu to Bijli Mahadev. The trek is gorgeous with jungles, orchids and little villages on the manner. By the time you reach the highest, your lungs will certainly raise you for rest however you’ll notice it irresistible to admire the sweetness that you just see.

Parvati Valley and Deo Tibba View
You get to check a bird’s eye view of Parvati valley and Kullu natural depression from this peak. once you spin, there are not any higher peaks to dam your read within the shut proximity.
Carry your own inhabitancy instrumentality if you intend to remain there for quite in the future. There ar some locals running the outlets however you would like to rearrange for your accommodation.

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