Julley!! How to plan Spiti trip by Public Transports.(My personal experiance)

Pritam Pandit Travel Blogs

Spiti the land of moon, high terrains & barren lands!! Also known as the “Middle land of India”. Before my trip i was in a dillemma that how i can cover whole Spiti valley as the tour & travel agencies provided me the costs of 35- 50k depending on number of days. And then i contacted one of my friends who works with Himachal Parivahan Nigam (HRTC public transport) & he told me that i can able to do the entire Spiti circuit by taking HP Public Bus service easily.
Julley from the middleland of India #Spiti

Note– I covered my Spiti trip mostly based on Hitchhike for 11 days starting from Shimla & ending at Manali.

But to gather this public transport informations i went to all the near by bus station& few times to the bus conductors/drivers to jot down the timings & fares so…

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