So you think travelling is expensive? Consider our budget trip to Lahaul-Spiti under 4k. Part-1


              “ I ain’t a poet to describe the beauty of this place

              I ain’t what it takes to understand this fascination

            I ain’t have things to give in return to what these roads have given me

      but all I have is what I share

              The story of my journey, the story of my trodden paths.

            Listen quietly or else you might miss something in rush

            Listen with love because these stories are what connects all of us.”

IMG_20160825_175858745 Chandrataal Lake

So, this time we have decided to take you to a place which froze us to a state of placidness. This place is  ‘Chandrataal’ and now all we want…

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Lahaul – Spiti under 4k part 2


 So you fell acquainted with these places way beyond

You felt the need to see them through your eyes

You felt the desire to go out and explore

packed your bags all ready to abscond

With the thrill in your eyes and the fear in your heart

Always wondered if it would be worth trying hard

Lost in there, asked if life was all about that race

Or was it about knowing that being lost was never a disgrace.


This time the journey starts from Batal, where we parted ways with our friends and then just two of us left for the further voyage into the Spiti Valley. This region savors a fusion of solitude and freedom. Its aloofness in the world of  superficial familiarity is something you would truly fall for.  People say when you taste this kind of freedom, there is no turning back. So, as I…

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